Projects by Orisun

Meaning: an individual or collaborative enterprise that is carefully planned to achieve a particular aim.
Orisun will  promote and educate designers by creating various projects all illustrating the importance and wearability of the garments. As such Orisun will collaborate with different partners to achieve this goal!
We strive to promote designers and slow fashion to our best abilities. By collaborating with talented creatives we are creating amazing projects. Fruitful collaborations between Orisun, designers and creatives.
Below are a few of the projects we have been working on!

Orisun x Jeangu Macrooy

‘Lead by example’

Orisun is currently collaborating with rising star Jeangu Macrooy.

We are styling him for various shows and events

to promote and wear the clothing of the designers we represent.

Styled shows/events            Designers
De Wereld Draait Door Tv show (25-04 -17) Boaz van Doornik
Paul de Leeuw Tv show Elephant Grass
North Sea Jazz Festival Gino Anthonisse
Fashion Week 2017 day 1 Overkill
Fashion Week 2017 day 2 Gino Anthonisse
Lowlands  Festival 2017 Overkill
De Wereld Draait Door Tv show (12-09-17) Marina van Dieren

Jeangu Macrooy x Marina vn Dieren

Fashion film: ‘Family Portrait’

Selected for Fashionclash Fashion Film Festival 2017

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